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Week 10 Summary!

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This week I did a lot better about managing my time, this online class is actually proving to be challenging, which I didn’t think it would be.

My Experience with video editing goes back pretty far. I used to make videos in middle school and actually almost got expelled for uploading one to youtube. I didn’t get kid’s parent’s permission to post the video online. All I got was a slap on the wrist though. I’ve worked with Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. I recently started using iMovie because I bought a mac. I seem to like Windows Movie Maker better though.

I did my Jaws movie stuff in seperate blog posts, they can be found here and here. I went into second by second detail in one about techniques used in Jaws for video editing. Pretty interesting.

I also put the post about my horror silent film I’m going to be making next week in a separate post. Didn’t want to clog up this post too much!

My daily creates were pretty nifty this week.

Daily Create 1: Video of something interesting in your wallet

Daily Create 2: A picture that makes you feel your age. This picture makes me feel quite young. My boyfriend is 7 years older than me. He doesn’t act like it but he makes me feel young. Which I like. :)

 Boyfriend and I

That’s it for week 10! Can’t wait to start working on video during weeks 11 and 12!

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