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Introducing Mamoru Fuun-Kun

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Hello everybody today I’m bringing you an awesome new assignment that I’ve been contemplating about since the start of the semester. What I wanted to do is create a sort of mascot for my blog, something that I could hopefully use throughout my blog design and posts that could function as a signature for my work. Being an otkau I wanted this mascot to obviously be anime related, so I decided to make my own chibi anime character. The design of my mascot actually comes from my character’s appearance in an MMORPG I play called Runescape. Mamoru Fuun being my characters name as well as internet handle.

Say hello to Mamoru Fuun-Kun:










Now I have a confession to make, I did not actually draw Mamoru Fuun-Kun I commissioned a very talented online artist called Lily Pichu check out her other works: Anyways I don’t want you all to start thinking I cheated in my own assignment so I am creating some different expressions for my mascot so that he can be used in more various posts here are a few I have made:As you can see I don’t have the skill to start designing his body in various poses yet, but various facial expressions is a good place to start. I’m planning on using Fuun-Kun in many of my future posts, hopefully with an array of new facial expressions and poses.

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