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A reflection post on Jim Grooms archives talk

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I personally believe in what he was talking about with archives. When a i person puts their info on Facebook, twitter, blogs etc they put it what people see in that person. I believe its important to me because when people want to look for me they see how i am as a person. My hobbies and what I like to do. What are my favorite sports and what is important in my life. Simply all of the general statements that a person would make when they do their info of about me.

After this semester is over i will maintain my blog for other reasons. For the first reason for update on any sports events which i need to go back into. My radio show that I am doing in the school that people can listen to. Also for my online journalism class that will be essential for the success of a good blog. In reality it will always be part of me now since I am a journalist and I am grateful for that. The blog has taught me to talk about my opinions on certain topics and to have connections later on to journalists and their blogs.

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