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All You’ll Ever be is MEAN.

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So there is this group of girls at my school, they call themselves “The Plastics,” who on earth wants to be referred to as plastic? Anyways, they are incredibly mean to everyone and usually they don’t even have a reason to be. They are even mean to each other! Always telling secrets about each other and plotting against one another, it is beginning to be to much to handle. I don’t  understand how they got to be so popular. No one actually likes them, they are just plain mean. Its hard to explain, you’d have to see it for yourself…

Ugh! Do you see what I am dealing with here? It’s ridiculous, what happened to “treat others how you want to be treated” or “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.” I guess the girls in my high school missed that day of kindergarten. I wish there was a way to teach them a lesson, someone sure does need to! They can’t go through life just bullying others around to get what they want, they need to earn it. I just can’t let this continue, there has got to be something I can do!


I found a pair of earrings on Amazon called Karma Catchers. They supposedly make karma catch up to bullies whenever the victim is wearing them. I wasn’t sure if I actually believed it would work or not, but for $12.50 I thought I would give it a try.

As soon as they came in the mail, I began wearing them to school. Luckily, I ran into The Plastics immediately! They began teasing me, as usual. This time is was my shoes and that led to me being poor, which led to me being ugly. I guess to them money is beauty? Anyways, as they were teasing me, I noticed that I didn’t even care and I didn’t feel humiliated or hurt at all. Then I noticed that my earrings began to feel a little warmer. Maybe they work after all, only time could tell.

A few weeks later, we all graduated. At this point I was just happy I no longer had to deal with The Plastics everyday at school. I went all summer not being bullied, not even thinking about The Plastics. One day after I had already left for college, my mom called me she had some exciting news! (Well, exciting for me at least.)

Well, well, well, looks like my silly karma catchers worked after all!


**To learn more about each individual piece of media for this project, check out my Final Project Category! I hope you enjoyed this :)

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