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And Now for the Finally! DS106 is Finally Over and Conquered!

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Here is the link to my Final Project:

For my final project I tried to pick something that I knew would be fun for me to base a story around and would in essence let other get a glimpse into my world and something that I love. I choose to my project based off the theme Jurassic Park. Not only do I love all their movies, I recently downloaded their game from App World to my Iphone and I have to say that I am so addicted! The whole story around dinosaurs just fascinates me and I feel that it takes me into a whole new world. A world where I get I am experiencing something new and fresh and completely out of the normal. I hope that when others see my view my project that they are able to transport themselves in a sense into this world and that they learn to gain some appreciation for these fascinating creatures just as I have.

Here is the link to my Week 3 Blog Post on the Definition of Storytelling:


Wow after re-reading this post I can definitely say I was so wrong about how I viewed digital storytelling! This course has definitely opened my eyes so that I can that digital storytelling is in a sense just an evolved form of storytelling where you use different forms of technology and the media to get across what you’re trying to emphasize. Just as anyone can sit around a campfire and listen to a story, people can use technology to get the same point across. I think that neither is better than the other. I think that both storytelling and digital storytelling are equally important and influential.

Here is the link to my Advice for future DS106 Students:

Here is the link to my Assignment Ideas and Tutorials:


Tutorial 1


Tutorial 2

With each of the assignment ideas I tried to come up with something that would be fun and would not be too much of a hassle for anyone to complete. However, I made sure to incorporate some element of what I had learned throughout this course and provide them with some resources that would help future students as well. I definitely made sure to keep my tutorials descriptive and include a ton of links so that they would have plenty of examples and resources to look upon to help solve any confusion.

Here is the link to my Best Work Category:

Best Work

When I selected these five pieces I selected the ones that I felt that I put the most effort in, got great feedback on, or held some personal connection too. I felt that each of these pieces encompasses me at a time where I accomplished something to myself in this course. Whether it was a assignment I thought was impossible or something were I spent five hours just trying to nail down my video to the perfect scene, each of these works in a sense represents me and the hard work I have tried to put into this course.

Overall, I am definitely happy to say that this course has helped me become a technologically advanced individual! I not only have developed skills that I will be able to transfer to other aspects of my future life, but I have developed a greater appreciation for technology and the people who help incorporate it in our everyday lives.

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