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Final Reflection about DS106

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My digital Storytelling class was a great experience. Today, I know how to administer my own website (My little house in this digital era). I have learned useful tools. For example: Now, I know how to embed my projects (Audio, video, design, mashup)and taking advantage of the social media (Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.) Also, Gardner Campbell’s No More Digital Facelifts talk, was excellent. I totally agree, when he said that we are entering the new age of education that is programmed for discovery rather than instruction. Definitively, we all should be architects of our own digital life (Cyberinfrastructure). My favorite assignment was the Daily Create. I enjoyed taking creative photographs. For example, I remember taking a picture of an old advertising painted onto a building or making a photograph that feature the number 3. I believe we need more classes -like digital Storytelling- that encourage students to be part of this digital era.

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