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Do Princesses Drink Milk?

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When reading about Thursday’s daily create about making art of the favorite breakfast beverage was a bit of a challenge at first. I wanted to be sure to incorporate a magical Disney feature then remembered that the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty drink tea in the movie. I certainly wish that I could make any food appear at the flick of a wand, but then I would also probably be 400 pounds and would never leave my bed, so I guess that is for the best. It actually was quite a pain to get this picture up and running, I used Fastest YouTube Download to get the scene with the fairies in order to capture the right moment, however I could only get each fairy on their own. Can’t believe it?! I know me either. Using paint (what a blast from the past) in order to draw in the part of the green fairy that got cut off (such as her elbow, end of her hair and hat, and part of her dress). While the process was quite tedious, I enjoyed the challenge. I then added the text and was good to go and had an amazing finished product here.Got tea?

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