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A Week In Review 1/20-1/27

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CC Andrew Gainer

Another week bites the dust. Its crazy how having one day off (MLK Day) can make a week fly by. This week’s work consisted of two responses and two daily creates. Not surprisingly, I enjoyed daily create’s much more than the responses. I like getting creative once in a while and the daily create’s are perfect for that. Like last week, the responses gave me a little more trouble. The hardest part for me is avoiding writing a summary. It takes more effort to provide an insightful response which is what I have to improve on. I was also thinking about providing some more content outside of the class assignments. Possibly writing responses on a certain television show or opinion pieces on anything that comes to mind. I’ll see if anything inspires me next week.

1/25/2013 Daily Create : I describe the sky without using color words

1/25/2013 Daily Create: I take a picture of my favorite breakfast beverage

1/25/2013 “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?” Response

1/27/2013 Michigan Radio : I describe how functions

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