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Bootcamp Finale

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Create an Email address– Yes, pretty straight forward, nothing more needs to be said about that.

Make sure blog appears in list of blogs- It does, right near the top at Above The Clouds

Customize Blog-  Due to procrastination, customization did not kick it quite yet as I was running low on time to submit my post.  However, this is definitely something I will further look into in the next couple days since it needs a little more flavor.

The one thing I did get around to doing was install Akismet, which not knowing anything about it initially, after further reading into it, definitely seems like a worthwhile installation, at least just to prevent spam annoyances.

As I said before, procrastination got the best of me regarding customization, and I’ll have to be much more conscious of time when the next assignment rolls around.

Welcome Page- Welcome Page

Still have a lot to do with my welcome page, specifically customization.

Daily Creates

Describe the sky without using any color words

For describing the sky without any words, I simply looked out my window and noticed that the sun was out, but that the sky was very white, so the first thing that I thought was how although it looked real sunny, I could tell that it was merely a trick and was probably colder than the sun lead on.  It wasn’t too bad not using color for the description, but I was tempted to use words to describe temperature but didn’t know if that was allowed or not.

My breakfast as a 5 star special

So for this assignment, I didn’t wake up until roughly noon and didn’t feel like moving, so I opened my fridge to chow down on some leftover General Tso’s and veggies.  The wasabi peas/nuts, I’m not really sure how to refer to them, are pretty much what they sound like (little wasabi flavored nuts) and they’ve been sitting in my room slightly open since about August, so not exactly the freshest meal I could’ve had this morning.

Digital Storytelling GIF

The Sandlot Clip you play ball like a girl

This is supposed to be the scene from “The Sandlot” where the “Great Hambino” insults someone for “playing ball like a girl.”  My main problem with the GIF was trying to download the correct programs, specifically the YouTube clip cause my computer wouldn’t allow it to download, so I had to be a little more adventurous in downloading the clip.

Weekly Reflection

Outside of the GIF, this week went pretty smooth.  My one major issue was that I put everything off til the last minute so I ran late on time, with the customization of my blog taking a major hit.  The best way for me to figure out the GIF was the video tutorial, which so far I’ve found to be very straightforward, for both this week and the first.  The other two parts of this week were the daily creates, which both provided interesting ways of being descriptive.  Although I was able to get through the week alright, I definitely plan on not waiting until the last second to put everything together this coming week.

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