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  1. kdex914

    Final Summary

    Bare with me, but when we first started the class I wasn’t exactly posting correctly so this reflection on week 3 link is the entire week 3 summary, my b.  Either way, after reading over my previous description I still pretty much agree with it, except that my thinking then never imagined combining several different ...
  2. kdex914

    Project Summary

    So, as mentioned before I chose to take Tony Soprano and put him in the future, 50 years from the end of the show.  I had him wake up from a coma, as (SPOILER ALERT) the ending was a bit open ended.  So I had him waking up, and checking out Amazon to find a ...
  3. kdex914

    Tony Lives On, Well… at least for a little

    Tony Soprano was last seen in the summer of 2007 sitting down to eat dinner with his family… Following this he was shot and was in a coma for the past 50 years, leading to his astonishment when he woke up to this: Cubs Hat Needless to say, he was quite astonished, feeling like he ...
  4. kdex914

    Weekly Summary 13 & 14

    What Is Remix? Remixing a DS106 Assignment Mashup Assignments In my opinion this was a perfect finish to the class, minus the final project.  It was a little more creative and pretty much used everything we had done up to this point and combined it.  I guess for the mashup and remix assignments I ended ...
  5. kdex914

    Mashup Assignments

    The first mashup assignment I chose was the Buffalax one.  The most obvious foreign programming to me is Telemundo so I chose a court case TV show called Caso Cerrado and subtitled it as a spelling bee.  The way I think this worked as a mashup was that it took the original meaning and completely gave ...
  6. kdex914

    Remixing a ds106 Assignment

    So this was a new fun little assignment, I clicked around for a million times looking at all the possibilities, especially cause I knew we had to do 6 stars worth later on.  I settled with A Place I’ve Never Been Remixed: Mood Swap.  So I had no idea where to start with it but ...
  7. kdex914


    So for the tutorials I chose, I was just gonna do the assignments I recently created (fresh in my mind, and might as well show how I did my own).  So for the first one “Imitative Polyphony,” all I did was go to GarageBand as we’ve seen many times in the past.  So first step ...
  8. kdex914

    What is Remix?

    The first reference I checked out was Everything is a Remix Part I by Kirby Ferguson, which showed how remix evolved mainly through music.  He begins by stating the definition of remix as a way “to combine or edit existing materials to produce something new.”  This is essentially how I would’ve defined it as well, ...
  9. kdex914

    New Assignment Ideas

    Make an Imitative Polyphony An imitative polyphony can best be described as when you were younger in music class and the teacher would have one side of the class start singing “row row row your boat” and then part way through the song have the other half of the class start singing from the beginning. ...
  10. kdex914

    New TDC Challenges

    Tell a story using only numbers at the top of your keyboard and the line below it (q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o,p). So, throughout the course of the semester I chose to do a lot of the writing TDC because to me it’s the easiest way to tell a story (probably because it’s the main way I feel most ...
  11. kdex914

    Final Project Stuff

    Alright, so if I’m reading this correctly, the character I’m gonna choose is Tony Soprano from the TV show The Sopranos.  The story that I wish to tell is going to revolve around him going to jail for a long amount of time, lets say 10 or so years, and coming out and trying to ...
  12. kdex914

    Product Evolution

    I liked this assignment because it was pretty similar to one we did a few weeks ago showing the change over time of websites (I think the example someone used was McDonalds, and I think I did Yahoo!), but it’s always pretty cool to check out how a product has changed.  At first I thought ...
  13. kdex914

    Vintage Educational Video

    For this “educational” video I wasn’t sure where to start, so I just started typing on YouTube “how to” and “how to make a ninja star” was like the 4th thing that popped up.  Pretty random but why not choose something a bit different.  So my work on this one is among my least favorite ...
  14. kdex914

    Public Service Announcement

    So, here I tried to make an attempt at a presidential campaign for the man, the myth, the legend Kevin Bacon.  I’m not sure where I got the idea but I remembered people always complaining about how the president never understands “the people” and can’t relate to everyday citizens.  Well, I chose Kevin Bacon for ...
  15. kdex914

    Week 10 Summary

    Look, Listen, Analyze Exploring The Movie Even More Genres of YouTube Pre-Production Daily Creates The vibe I gathered from this week’s assignment was that it was more of a preparatory week, getting acquainted with the basics of video storytelling.  It focused on really looking at a movie, while also delving deeper into specific genres.  None ...
  16. kdex914


    The two assignments that I chose were Return to the Silent Era and Vintage Educational Video. For the Silent Era one, I’m thinking about using the scene from The Hobbit where the dwarves are all arriving.  The example I watched was Remix #4 Frank Vs. The Tranq, which gave me a pretty good sense of how ...
  17. kdex914

    Genres of YouTube

    The genre I picked out was “animals doing human things” cause I came across this about a year ago and it’s too good not to post. So, this is obviously a very “human thing” watching TV.  But the part of this assignment that I found to be useful was recognizing the broad spectrum of genres ...
  18. kdex914

    Exploring The Movie Even More

    I checked out the Any Given Sunday Wikipedia page for any extra info on the production, and it didn’t really have much to offer except that part of it was loosely based on a book, also the NFL wouldn’t allow them to use real team names so they had to make them up.  The one interesting ...
  19. kdex914

    Look, Listen, Analyze

    So I picked Al Pacino’s speech from Any Given Sunday My first view without the sound, I noticed a lot of camera angles switching, mainly to emphasize the attitudes of all the players in order to display the emotion of the locker room.  One thing I did pick up on, not too sure on why ...
  20. kdex914

    Weekly Summary Week 9

    Daily Creates Way Back When- 2 Stars YouTube It Your Way- 4 Stars Telling Stories Within The Web Review of What Makes You Dynamite Interesting week. Before I really got into it, it looked terribly daunting, lots of text about stuff that I just didn’t really understand or ever heard of before.  But once I ...
  21. kdex914

    Review of What Makes You Dynamite

    Pretty good stuff, definitely liked the intro and background music, big ups to whoever did that.  The thing that sticks out to me the most is that when we did ours, it obviously didn’t have any background music or noise or whatever while recording our parts, and I actually listened to this one before I ...
  22. kdex914

    Youtube It Your Way

    Clint Eastwood Superbowl Commercial Had a little fun with Clint Eastwood here, and for the record, I am a Clint fan.  Just used the x-ray goggles, and what a simple tool they are, I don’t know why when I tried that craigslist ad earlier it wasn’t working.
  23. kdex914

    Telling Stories Within The Web

    New Amazon Page This took me a little longer than I expected as I had some trouble figuring it out.  After I downloaded the x-ray goggles, I first tried a craigslist page but was unable to directly edit the text that I wanted to, not sure exactly why I was struggling there.  So I read ...
  24. kdex914

    Way Back When

    This project was actually pretty interesting to me cause I’ve always been intrigued by marketing.  Anyways, I clicked on Yahoo! just cause it’s my homepage and clicked a random date Feb 8, 1999. And it’s just really simple, no pictures, just a bunch of links for entertainment, sports, business, etc… Then I jumped to ...
  25. kdex914

    Daily Creates

    How Waiting Makes me Feel Aliens Exist World Of Happiness As I was waiting for my friend Michael Jordan, I was very displeased as to how long he was taking to meet me for dinner.  I waited for hours and eventually left, but I wasn’t so much angered anymore, but concerned for his well being. ...
  26. kdex914

    7 and 8 Summary

    Summary: Alright, well these past couple weeks mainly focused on the radio show project, so outside of the usual daily creates and other assignments, the group project was the biggest task.  My main issue at first with the group project was just trying to communicate with everyone (I’m anti twitter to the point where I ...
  27. kdex914

    Radio Show Commercial

    Just came up with this on the spot after my group talked about what they did.  Figured I try to throw in a late night food commercial and try to relate it to the group.  Not as long as I hoped for and I feel a little limited using GarageBand cause it only has a ...
  28. kdex914

    Radio Bumper

    Well, second time doing one of these, not too difficult, pretty straight forward.  My way of publishing it was GarageBand so I’m actually curious on how other people do theirs.  Not sure if this is everyone’s preferred method or if there’s some other program out there that I don’t even know about.

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