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Drunken Stenographer

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Daily Create Prompt: Submit a favorite monologue from a movie with every third word removed.

Response: Drunken Stenographer

Now you receive us. Do not for your or your . We do want your tired sick. It your corrupt claim. It is evil that be sought us. With breath, we hunt them. Each day will spill blood til rains down the skies. Do not , do not , do not. These are which every of every can embrace. Are not suggestions. These codes of. And those you that them will the dearest. There are degrees of. We urge lesser forms filth. Not push the and cross into true, into our. But if do, one you will behind you you will we three. On that you will it. And will send to whatever you wish.

Shepherds we  be, for  my Lord,  thee. Power  descended forth  thy hand  our feet  swiftly carry  thy command.  We shall  a river  unto thee,  teeming with  shall it  be. In  patris et  et spiritus.


From the court scene in “The Boondock Saints”

It’s REALLY interesting to me how just by removing a few words, the meaning of an entire scene can change. Most of these sentences are fragmented and make little sense, which is interesting considering that it’s a monologue (well, a duo-logue) but two brothers about to shoot a man because they believe God told them to. They might believe they’re working in some perfect clarity, but they might be perceived as fragmented and unintelligible and even crazy, not able to be understood or reasoned with, reckoned with. But yet, some of these sentences make sense and are actually at odds with what was originally said. I’ve italicized them (emphasis mine).

Original clip available here.

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