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WEEK TWO: done and over with! (still alive!!)

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Week two of DS 106 and I can happily say I have gotten the hang of all the general stuff. That being said, I’m sure there’s still a buttload I have to learn.
For example, GIFS. Can everyone please take a moment of silence for all those brave people that post wonderful gifs on tumblr, reddit, etc.? Honestly. Until this week, I had no idea the process someone had to go through to post that 2-second clip on your dashboard and for you to just blast through pages without appreciating it. I ended up using the trailer of my favorite movie, Crazy,Stupid, LoveFirst off, to even make gifs, you have to go through this entire process of taking frames from a five-second clip during the trailer. So I managed to get that done in hour? Possibly less. Then I proceeded to search through guides and how-to guides to make my gif. I settled for this mpeg streamclip video converter which was followed by an online gif creator. I had a couple hiccups along the way (too many frames) but alas! I got my clip so I am loud and proud about it.  :)
Personally, that felt like my biggest accomplishment this week. I did the usual Daily Create’s, starting with something I have to see every day. It’s my little guy, Charlie Bucket! One day, I went to Walmart with my friends for some shampoo and I saw this poor little baby Betta fish in a container and my heart melted! I could not resist taking him with me. Naturally, I completely forgot the shampoo but I did come home with the best friend anyone could have! My day would be complete without seeing him.
My next submission for Daily Create’s was the monologue. I could not resist using one of my favorite movies, The Breakfast Club. Andy gives the monologue of how he taped Larry Lester’s buns together. It is one of my favorite monologues because of how real and honest it seemed. Not to mention, the movie is a classic and I could not resist doing his monologue. Although it did come out a little funny, with taking out every third word!, it was still entertaining overall. Check it out.
The next thing I have been trying to get the hang of is my own actual site. Like I’ve said, I’m not quite used to the whole blogging thing so I’m still trying to get around the whole thing. I pinky pinky promise to make more of an effort within the next week to put it all together. However, stay tuned because I am sure that once I do get the hang of it, I’m sure you will enjoy the treat I have in store. Here is the link for future cases! Enjoy! As for this site, I am officially done getting my feet wet (a special thanks to bootcamp for whipping me into shape!). I cannot wait to get further into exploring more areas, like easier ways to make gifs, or downloading more widgets. Thus far, my theme suits my liking but as the semester goes on, I’m sure I’ll want to make to more changes. I feel like soon, but not soon enough, I’ll become an expert on all of these different sites and I won’t have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off! The only thing I’m actually struggling with is reminding myself, which isn’t a class problem but more of a self-problem and I  need to stay more in tuned with the assignments. I also may need help with my flickr, which is being extremely stubborn because it isn’t showing up anywhere (i.e., wordpress, dailycreate’s, etc.) BUT I CAN ONLY GO UP FROM HERE! :)
Oh, I also managed to create an extra e-mail address. :p it is [email protected] and if you have any tips as to how to get better acquainted with any of the sites, feel free to comment below. Off to the third week, i go!

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