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DS Video Project: Goals In 2009 I took a brief (and some may say…

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DS Video Project: Goals

In 2009 I took a brief (and some may say ill-fated) foray into the world of video creation, iMovie, and YouTube. This is one of the results (and my biggest YouTube hit to date, with nearly 300 views. Don’t be too impressed). This whole phase came shortly after my acquisition of a new MacBook and updated iMovie, which I used to poorly splice together clips of a local news story about a meth lab and some terrible Jennifer Aniston movie that I’ve never seen for the amusement of my cousin.

Three and a half years later I’ve been asked to revisit this stage in my life and once again venture into iMovie for class. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to make my three videos about, but I do have a few goals I’d like to meet while completing this assignment:

  • Try out new iMovie features! I haven’t done much with iMovie since “Meth Happens” (where I clearly did the bare minimum) so I’d like to explore more of what the application has to offer.
  • Attempt to make at least one documentary-style film. I’m not sure what the content will be – maybe life in a co-op? – but I think that will challenge my (nonexistent) video-editing capabilities.
  • Make another video splicing existing ones together, and make it less terrible than “Meth Happens.” I’d like to see if I can make a video manipulation with some of the existing YouTube videos I’m a fan of.
  • Emulate some of my favorite vloggers? I’m a huge fan of the Vlogbrothers, charlieissocoolike, and communitychannel (like the rest of YouTube, basically), but if I ultimately decide to make some sort of more personal video I’d like to see what I can draw from their work.

In summary: anything would be better than my first YouTube creation, but let’s hope I can take it a step further this time.

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