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Daily Creates: Week 3

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This week we stepped up our DC game and ramped it up to 3! I chose the following

1. Finishing the sentence “My Biggest fear is…

My Biggest Fear
My biggest fear is the forrest. While most people, especially in this state are able to find solace in the woods I am horrified by them. The main reason being that I am from new york, and as you can probably imagine the woods are scares there. But outside the fact that I have had very little interaction with the wilderness, I am also afraid of the woods because to me weird and horrific crimes always happen there. Typically in the city people are shot, carjacked, robbed, ect. And while unfortunate and scary as those crimes are they typically don’t compare to the weird, sick crimes that happen in the woods. Well this fear of mine was eventually overcome when I moved to virginia, and more specifically into a heavily wooded area. So after living here for the past months I have come to see that there is a way to find peace in the silence of the forrest. And though you won’t see me hiking up a mountain or trying to find flowers to preserve anytime soon, I must admit I am much less fearful then I was.

2. Take/make a photo that represents math at work in the world


I actually learned how to do this prehistoric texting in high school and this is how we would pass notes in class without getting caught!

3.Make a picture of something broken. Literally or figuratively.


As always I love the daily creates because I get little easy assignments where I can really show off my creative side! Doing three this week was not a challenge at all, and I think that if anything it was a plus in this weeks assignments!

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