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Fresh Out Of Bootcamp

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What Is Storytelling?

To start off this week of blogging, I had the opportunity to analyze the meaning of storytelling. Storytelling takes place in every facet of life, however it was never something I thought to define.

Shape of Stories

Kurt Vonnegut’s description of the shapes of stories, while it is humorous, also has truth to it. My post broke down the shape of the song “Lola” by the Kinks. The concept of stories having shape was very interesting to me, and I think I will pay much more attention the shapes of stories in the future, and I recommend watching it in full.

Peer Reviews

Looking back on the work of retired DS106 veterans, I found some interesting works. The two different pieces contrasted well, and showed two extremely different examples of a digital story. One, a photo of two young children playing on the beach, and the other an audio rendition of a famous scene from The Notebook.

Daily Creates

Daily creates are quickly becoming one of my favorite activities. I love having the opportunity to tap into my creative side each day, because it is something I would definitely not be doing if it were not for this course.This week, I completed three daily creates:

Make a blue screen of death message using type only



Make a picture of something broken




Draw/Create an image with a boring picture on an interesting surface.



Telling A Story

This was my favorite activity of the week. I really enjoyed the freedom to basic make up any story I wanted. Turning Jones the dog into a DS106 student was lots of fun. I look foward to more activities like this in the future.


Comments Summary

After reviewing and commenting on the blogs of four of my peers, I realize that there is much artistic talent in our group. Watkins has drawings of his filling his blog homepage, and it makes for a very appealing blog. Lara created a blog layout that is beautifully done with a wood panel background contrasted with short blog excerpts filling the page. Casey has created an owl themed blog, and uses clever puns in her blog post titles, and Fairuz commonly refers back to pandas to convey her messages.


As we wrap up the first week of DS106 post-bootcamp, I realize that we are birds ready to leave the nest for the first time. While there was more strict guidelines of what needed to be done in bootcamp, this week presented much more freedom. I really enjoyed having the option of three different assignments for the storytelling portion of this week’s work.


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