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Jealous of the retired DS106ers? You bet

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You know what’s intimidating? Looking at previous work from those of the previous DS106 class. Honestly though. I could not help but feel like I have these giant shoes to fill! Obviously it was not all bad. A lot of things I saw from graduates of this class was pretty inspiring (and intimidating, who knew it be both?) After I was finishing ogling at their best work (honestly, check it out, you’d be doing yourself a favor), I had to pick a couple ones to blog about.

So lets start with the one that caught my eye was the trailer of Black Swan, which has to be on my definitely not to watch movies again. HOWEVER, it’s not because it is bad or anything, just because it scares me shitless every time I watch it. So if you like scary movies and you’re into the “Whattheeffjusthappened?” sorta thing, it’s definitely for you, not me though. So why would I pick this trailer? Well because what fun would it be if I didn’t? And I’m happy I did. The trailer was turned into a silent movie (Charlie Chaplin, anyone?) and it makes it even more intense. For anyone who hasn’t seen the actual movie, I can guarantee that after seeing this trailer by Annie, you will want to see this movie regardless of whether or not you hate super intense psyco-thriller movies.

The one for my favorite, however, has go to go to Kiersten, who totally caught my attention by having Toy Story as the main image. I am a complete sucker for this trilogy, so if you don’t like totally sappy nostalgic people, please stop reading. BUT IF YOU DO, please check this mix-up/mash-up out ’cause I know you will not regret it. The rest of the post also has some interesting gifs and videos if you’re into Bridesmaids and the BBT. The mash up itself, however, is pretty special because it plays into childhood and who doesn’t like that?

Both were pretty amazing..Actually, really amazing. Definitely gave me hope that I could perhaps one day be able to achieve some best works such as these. The trailer of the silent Black Swan gave more insight to the digital storytelling essence in that there were no words and just images but still held a lot of power. Although I thought the second mash up was endearing, it didn’t have the same idea I was looking for.

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