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My own daily creates

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So we get to make out own daily creates! Get excited!

When trying to think of what I’d like to come up with, I knew I needed something that would  (hopefully) appeal to a wide audience. I think one of the daily creates might lean more to the girl side and the other the boy side of the spectrum, which was not my intention. But hopefully each daily create will get a good response, nonetheless.

The first daily create I came up with was “Make a video of the scariest moment of your life.” I think this will be fun and with a video you can see people faces and animations so I’m sure it will be entertaining to watch.

Future tdc 1

My second daily create is more reflective. “Write a letter to your 16 year old self.” I’m really excited for this one and to see what people write!

Future tdc 2

PS: is there anyway I can make this pictures bigger if I’m just embedding them via flickr?


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