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Shape of Stories

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The most puzzling piece of work this week would have to be the Kurt Vonnegut video. I know it should have been a rather simple message, one that I’m sure most got the first time around watching it, I didn’t get it until the second (maybe third time) around. Then I finally understood what he was saying, which is that stories are predicable. Each one has its shape and guess what? Its predictable. Every Disney movie?…IT ENDS THE SAME. Mostly because who wants to go to the movie theater with their kids and leave crying, trying to explain to them why Cinderella remained the maid and one of the ugly stepsisters got to marry the prince? Exactly. To be honest, I am still somewhat confused to what I was suppose to represent with my picture, but I went for it anyways! So I did my model arc after one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl. It has the traditional opposites attract arc going for it. Although they pretend to hate each other, Blair and Chuck begin to find an actual attraction despite the fact that they could not be even more opposite from each other. Obviously the story has more to it, but as far as their relationship goes, they try to avoid it but inevitably end up marrying each other.




For a digital storytelling piece for this week, I choose this little gem right here. Digital storytelling pretty much varies from person to person, right? I mean, there is an actual definition but it’s totally up for interpretation. That picture says digital storytelling because it can really do a lot with itself. For example, it can have a total story behind it, like “Yeah, this is what I do in my free time” Or “it was a dare, man, that’s all it was!”  It doesn’t need words or a description in order to understand what it is. Instead, it entertains and allows everyone to come up with their own stories.

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