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Too Curious Sparky?

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Sparky was a good dog. The best actually. He never did his business inside the house, he almost always behaved, and never drank out of the toilet(..Except for every once in awhile). Sparky, however, had one small quirk that made him hard to watch and that was that Sparky is a rather..curious dog. He had a tendency to meddle in into places that he didn’t exactly belong. One day, as he was being babysitted,his babysitter Olivia had told him to stay put while she went to check the mail. Sparky was determined to behave and listen, for once. However, nearly the moment she left, Sparky heard a slight meowing and as much as he tried to resist the temptation to follow it, Sparky couldn’t. So against his better thought not to, Sparky followed the noise. It led him to an the back porch and underneath of it, the meowing got louder. Sparky couldn’t believe it, underneath was a cat. And the cat was trapped. Sparky knew he had to draw the attention of Olivia so he started howling as loud as he could, and as much as he could. Olivia called the local fire department and they managed to rescue the cat. As it turned out, the cat was a stray and the family decided to adopt him. For once, Sparky’s curiosity came in handy especially since it ended up adding a new member of the family, Hopper.

Love is a lap . . .


photos of Sparky and Hopper found here & here. :)

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