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Story in Five Sounds

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Weirdly enough I found that telling a story in five sounds was much easier than making a radio bumper.  I found it easier to come up with an idea and follow it out to the end.

I started off this assignment by downloading Audacity, which was recommended by my professor.  After than I downloaded my five sounds next off of free sound. For a little background before you listen, I decided to do my audio story on a little girl going to Disney world for the first time.  Because of this I decided to use

car drive away,

car turning off,

car door shut,

walking gravel,

and little girl giggle as my five sounds.  After downloading them, I added them into Audacity and layered them together.  I played around with editing the different sound to together to make them sound a little bit better.

I was inspired to do this because I am going to Disney World myself in a little more than a month (and I made my picture story based on this too last week).  I felt like this was also a great story to do for audio because I feel like there aren’t many things that are as exciting as arriving in Disney World.

So without further delay, here is my audio story…

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