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ds106 Radio is so Hot the Fire Alarm Went off.

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Yes you heard me, the fire alarm. Luckily for me, the ds106 show was moved to Monday so I was able to catch it live*! The asterisk is there for a reason since I had to leave at some point because the fire alarm went off so I had to evacuate the building (as you could hear from Amber’s side of things).

So I relistened to everything over again and I got to really reflect on everything that was going on. After being in a google hangout ds106 show and now listening to the radio I was a little sad that I couldn’t just say my input right away. It was very strange tweeting in and having my opinions seen there. I tried to tweet in as much as possible in order to encourage both students who were hosting. They both did a really great job in saying what they were thinking.

Here is a preview for some of the tweets that I posted to let people know how I was doing.

For starters, here was my “Hey I’m here” tweet to let people know I was listening.

Secondly, when reflecting on what we did this week, I had two different things to say, one about the amount of work we had and the second was about the shape of stories assignment.

When talking about concerns about future assignments, Amber really was worried about writing assignments, and not being a strong writer really means that I worry about it as well, so I empathized with Amber with this tweet.

Finally, my last tweet of the session had to deal with announcing my leaving due to having to evacuate the building. When I got back in the radio show had just ended, so I had to rely on the archive to hear the rest of it.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to see how many people were viewing the website since the confusion of the firedrill caught me off guard. I wish I could see the statistics, so maybe someone else will have it.

Overall, the ds106 radio seems interesting, but anytime I turned in later on in the week it was either dead air or was music playing. It was hard to catch any live performances because it was not publicized very well in my opinion. I follow @ds106radio on twitter and also watch the #ds106radio on TweetDeck, but it just seemed not as useful as I would have hoped. But, the show that I listened to was very helpful and was pretty much just people talking and giving advice which I am always welcome to having.

Thanks for reading!

Princess Karissa

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