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Radio Bumper!

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Okay, so this was much easier than everything else I’ve done in this class and the least stressing. To be honest, I had fun, weird right? Definitely not used to that just yet, especially since I wasn’t aware that was allowed to be happen just yet. Anyways! I was watching the movie Space Jam over the week and I really liked one of the theme songs, so I couldn’t resist using it for my bumper. My best friend during my creation was CogDog’s tutorial, which helped me the entire way. So two cheers for that. I used both the Audacity application, as well as LAME (Thanks to Jennifer for posting both of these links!). After that, it was really just wash, rinse, and repeat. I had a couple hiccups along the way, like trying to record myself without sounding like a man (thanks to my friends for passing along this cold) but than I decided that it added personality(ha!). For my first time doing this, it was incredibly easy, much easier than my mess of a gif but just as rewarding. But anyyyywaaays, without further ado, here is my radio bumper!

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