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Radio Bumper

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So let me start off by saying somehow this post got saved as a draft instead of posting.  So if it seems confusing that this got posted after my summary that is why. But anyways…

I sadly had a hard time deciding exactly what I wanted to do for this audio assignment.  I know that it shouldn’t have been all that hard to do, but I pretty much dreaded. When I finally just sat down to do it it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I used audacity to make my bumper.  I did a little bit of playing around and a little bit of goggling to figure out exactly how to use audacity.   I ended up using I ended up using the Boyce Avenue cover of Oasis’s song Wonderwall for my background music.  I love this song and this cover and thought that it was just interesting enough for me to use for my bumper. I started off the clip by fading the song in and ended it by fading the song out. I then recorded my voice and placed in a few seconds into the song.  I sadly do not own a very good microphone so there is a bit of static int he background.  I’ll have to get something better for the future.

But here is my bumper.  Hope you like it.

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