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Radio Show-OoOOOoo

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I made a very valid attempt to listen to ds106 radio this week but I have a pretty conflicting schedule (rugby, volunteering, and seventeen credits!). It covered a significant amount of random things, from songs the 80′s to an old woman stating how it much more beneficial it is to take the stairs (than goes into explaining how if her late husband had taken the stairs, he’d be alive to tell the guy the same thing.)..The irony? She told this to a stranger as they went up in the elevator.

I really would prefer listening to actual people talking, so maybe one day I’ll miss a day of practice or class to be able to get the full of experience. I will credit ds106 radio with some catchy tunes though.

i haven’t actually heard a live person but the stories have been entertaining, who knew talk radio could be that way? Initially, I thought it was just something old people got into and would listen to as they went to bed at five in the afternoon. The biggest problem I had is that when I tried the link, it wouldn’t load all the way and it worked much better in my itunes, except for every twenty minutes, it would break-up for a couple minutes. All in all, it was an experience worth having.


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