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Who Said That?

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So this assignment was to take 3 pieces–a quote, a picture, and a name–and mix them all together.  You can read more about it here.

Ben Stiller quote

This was my final product.  I couldn’t decide what to do for a while and ended up deciding on a Zoolander quote because it’s my favorite movie and who doesn’t love a good movie quote?  Then I narrowed that down to “I’m not an ambi-turner” because it’s one of the most memorable of the movie.  Then, for a while, I tried to think of another movie similar to Zoolander.  There aren’t any.  I thought another Ben Stiller movie would be just fine and then the whole thing ended up being a big Ben Stiller mashup.

As for putting the whole thing together, I used Gimp.  I googled White Goodman for the picture.  I chose this one because it had lots of space to put words on it.  Then I used the text editor and added in the quotes, finally picking Tony Perkis, the counselor from Heavy Weights, as the quoted character.  The rest is history.

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