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I’m not a Cat Person or a Yoga Person**…

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that when it comes to cats I am not the biggest fan of them. However, I do really enjoy my friend’s cat Frankie because she just does really weird things and so half of my pictures on my iPhone are pictures of Frankie. My favorite pictures are when she is laying down because her paw gets stuck in her collar (it just is so funny). So when looking through pictures of animals I have on my phone (which ranges between Frankie, 3 dogs and gerbils) I decided that a weird Frankie pose would be awesome to do. However, when do humans do weird poses was the next question? Well the answer was obvious to me, yoga. I suck at yoga and laugh after like 30 seconds of doing something. So putting two things together that I don’t really like ends up making a project that I really like, because that makes sense.

What is this project I speak of? Well it is a two star challenge that requires us to take a picture of an animal and photoshop the picture to make the animal look like it is doing something human.

So what did I do?

1. I looked through pictures of animals that I already had and picked my favorite weird one.

2. I thought of a realistic thing that the animal could be doing in the picture (yoga in this case)

3. To find a background picture, I knew I wanted a higher outlook, so I looked through yoga classes pictures in Google Images and came across an aerial view picture and imported it into GIMP.

4. I wanted to add a yoga mat in the corner so I used the color cloning tool in order to get the color of the other mats

dropper tool5. I drew the mat in using the paint brush tool, and selected a heavy brush to make a stronger line.

paint brush tool6. I opened up the picture of Frankie into a new GIMP window, and resized it to be smaller than the yoga picture.

7. I then used the lasso tool to crop out only Frankie and hit Image->Crop to Selection to get rid of the background.

lasso tool

8. I copied the selection of Frankie and pasted it as a new layer in my background of the yoga scene.

9. To adjust how Frankie was, I used the rotation, and scaling tools.

scaling tools

10. I added text just for dramatic effect, but it is not necessary. I used the toolbox tool

text tool

11. Finally I exported the image and saved it as a jpeg so that I could post it onto this beautiful post.

12. Show off your final product:


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