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Best Shots Photoset

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This week I took a massive amount of photos, but only a few were great enough to save in my photo hall of fame. Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you my best shots of this week!

Mah Best Shahts!

Optical IllusionHow I See YouCrunchy,Shiny, and NewFlowerbed from an Ant's PerspectiveHuman Complexitiy at its Finest
Representation of Human Emotion

These 6 lucky photos proved themselves worthy of being in the spotlight, conquering all odds! The first shot was the visual assignment called Optical Illusion where I stood at a distance to smash my friend between my fingers! This photo just SCREAMS evil! The second image was a visual assignment that I created called How I See You where it shows how someone with glasses sees someone with and without their glasses. I got this inspiration when a friend on facebook thought my glasses had the power to look at people and mirror my true image of them. In the image is my best friend, Barbie, from middle school.The next piece of art is an assortment of delicious apples taken at Food Lion. This was for the Daily Create where we had to take a photo of something new and shiny. I don’t know about you, but I think fresh-picked apples are pretty shiny. Next is a photo of one of UMW’s flowerbeds…taken from an ant’s perspective during my photoblitz.At first I thought the shot was ruined because this lady got caught walking, but then I realized that she added a bit more student life to it. I have no clue who she was, but I’m glad she walked by. The second to last is a picture of the front of Trinkle Hall. This was also done during the photoblitz to represent Human Complexity. Finally, my favorite, is a picture of the James Farmer Memorial. The explination for why it is my favorite can be found HERE.

Let’s give a round of applause for the winners! They will be joined in the near future by any other distinguished individuals!

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