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Improving your photography

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I really love taking pictures, and I have a fancy “paparazzi” camera (Nikon D3100) but I honestly don’t know how to really use it. So I really loved reading these tips from David duChemin.

To work on my photography, I used three of his tips:

  • Change my Perspective by Changing yours.
  • Get Balanced
  • Look to the Light

I am currently at my beach house for the weekend, with my mom and 3 dogs and I forgot my Nikon at school :( I used my iPhone to take these pictures.

My first picture is of a candle on our dining room table. I decided to take this picture from looking above it. Surrounding the candle are shells and sand in a glass bowl. Unfortunately you can’t see much of that.


I’ve never really thought of the “rule of thirds” and never really used the technique in my photos. I tried to get GiGi and CoCo together, but CoCo can’t really sit still for long (always on the go). But GiGi was the perfect model for this activity.


Lighting truly makes photos better. This next picture is ‘relatively’ new. We had just gotten GiGi and CoCo and were on our way home. This was almost a month ago. I really love how the light came through the window and I was able to capture this picture.

The girls

It gives them an “angelic” look, don’t you think?

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