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Weekly Wrap-up

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This week was my favorite so far, I really loved all the assignments we had.

Radio Show

We had to form our radio show groups for our impending project. I’m really excited for my group. Here are my group-mates: Kelsie, Brittany, Brooke, Sarah and myself. We are the “Fab 5″! I’m excited to work with these ladies and I can’t wait to see what we come up with for our radio show!

I sent the tweet out to @Cogdog and I think he likes our name!

Radio Group Name Tweet

Kelsie is so on top of her work! She had a really helpful tutorial on how to link WordPress and Flickr and like me, she made an A-Z Collage– it was adorable. Brittany made a great radio bumper last week and I’m excited to see her work for this week! Brooke made me laugh with her very funny Valentine’s day postcard! First off, I love Sarah’s blog name and I loved her album cover. I did the album cover assignment as well and I found it to be really fun! I love how Sarah’s turned out.

Improving your Photography Skills

These tips by David duChemin were very helpful and informative. I love to take pictures and I have a very nice camera, but if it involves more than the typical “point and shoot” deal, I don’t know how to do it. I really want to improve my photography knowledge and get out of the habit of relaying on my iPhone to snap all my pictures. To see what techniques I chose and how I implemented them, check out my blogpost here. Additionally, I added my favorite technique and picture to the Class’s Google Doc!


One of the first fun assignments of the week was the 20 minute PhotoBlitz. On Thursday at noon I began taking pictures around my room to meet the criteria we were looking for. After my 20 minutes were up, I uploaded my best 5 to flickr and made sure to appropriately tag them. I chose my room mainly because I did this assignment on Thursday and I do not have classes so I tend to stay in my room and complete homework on Thursdays, so it was the best option for me at the time.

Pimp up Flickr

I read of the different list of things to do to make flickr better. I created a couple of new sets, specifically one labeled “Best of…”. I also linked up my blog with Flickr using the tutorial that I mentioned above. Once I linked WordPress and Flickr together, embedding the set into my blog was easy-peasy. I also made sure that Flickr was linked up to my twitter and I even connected it to Blogger- which is the platfrom I use for my personal blog.

Daily Creates

Three more daily creates this week are done! I did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and while each assignment was fun, I enjoyed all the Visual Assignments better! However, looking back at Monday’s dailycreate I actually think I did the assignment incorrectly. I just took a photo of something and used my favorite piece of techonology. But I think I was really suppose to take a picture of someone or thing using my favorite piece of technology…. WHOOPS! I guess there’s always room for interpretation ;)

Visual Assignments

These were SO MUCH FUN! We had to complete 10 stars worth, but my last assignment ended up being 3 stars. So I ended up with 11/10 stars total. Here are the assignments I did- the links take you to the individual posts.

  • Valentine’s Day Card (it’s a bit cheesy). I also created a tutorial! (2 stars)
  • Splash Color– I went a bit crazy with this assignment! I just want to Splash Color EVERYTHING now! (2 stars)
  • Album Cover– Such a fun assignment! Could you see me being in a band?? (2 stars)
  • King of Meltdowns– The title doesn’t make much sense to me, but this was another really fun assignment–Matching a quote with a picture. (2 stars)
  • A-Z Collage– This was by far the most difficult assignment I did, but so fun! It was a lot of work, but I’m so happy with how it turned out! (3 stars)

Weekly Reflection

As I’ve mentioned (about a million times now) this week was so much fun! I learned several ways to improve my photography and I’m excited to use them as I move forward in the coming weeks and with my assignments. The most challenging thing I faced this week was using GIMP for my A-Z collage (which I shared about more on it’s post). But I am understanding what happened and how to avoid it in the future. My most favorite part of the week was finding the Splash Color App on my phone and using it to create some really great images. I know we are returning back into audio in the coming weeks, so I am sad to see this week over.  Overall, I am still really enjoying DS106. I feel that I am learning a lot and my creative side is coming out more than ever!

PS- I think this is the first post I’ve made without any pictures! GASP! I think we all know I tend to go a bit picture crazy!!

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