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Be a better photographer

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This week we got a lot more suggestions on how to be a better photographer and they really did help me with the key points. The one that I found most helpful were good lighting. Good lighting seems really important because how are you suppose to have a good picture without  having good lighting? I tried that out this week, to take a picture with good lighting and it was harder than I thought. I didn’t realize how important lighting in the right places needs to be. I picked a picture that I took of Blaze where the light really shows off his beautiful fins and the oxygen bubbles all around him.


Another important detail is the perspective from which you take the picture. Different perspectives can really make a difference and show you how different people see different things. I could have taken this picture from a normal angle but that wouldn’t be as fun. I wanted a unique point this time.

My desk

I also thought contrast was really important. With different contrast really makes some things pop over others. Like if you have a black and white picture and than one red thing, it really makes a difference in where your eye goes. My example is my rainboots against the pattern rug. The big contrast between the two really attract you to the red and blue rainboots.


These suggestions really helped me get the hang of photography even though I don’t have a really professional camera so I really enjoyed learning more about being better.

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