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Becoming A Better Photographer

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  • Get Pickier:¬†Instead of using your camera like a rapid fire machine gun, spend more time pre-composing in your mind. As you get more practice, you can be more selective, and more deliberate.

This was a good one for me to work on and think about. ¬†If you could see all the pictures that me and my sister take of each other before we find a good one you’d agree (and my¬†iPhone¬†memory would probably¬†appreciate¬†it too). ¬†When I went outside this week I noticed how pretty the¬†bell tower¬†looked with the sun set behind it. ¬†I took a while and made sure to take a good picture. ¬†Here is what I came up with:

bell tower

  • Change My Perspective By Changing Yours:¬†Find different and unique points of view. Look down, up, lay down on the ground. Seek perspectives of lines.

This was a fun one for me. ¬†I took this picture a couple weeks ago largely because I wanted to show off the¬†ridiculous¬†glitter¬†tattoo¬†that my six year old family friend talked me into putting on my foot. ¬†Only after I got it on did she tell me that it was going to last a month (oh the joys of six year olds). ¬†The thing that I liked about this picture the most is the angle that it was taken from. ¬†Instead of just taking a picture of just my food I decided to take it at a downward angle of my foot. ¬†Here’s what I came up with:



  • Expose for Aesthetics¬†Learn how to use aperture, shutter speed, iso to control the image- what the effects of these all play on depth of field, motion freeze vs blurring. For fixed lens camera/mobile, at least understand what the level of light means for your photos (why those low light photos are blurry?)

I took this picture over Christmas break and was thrilled how it came out.  It was fun to see how changing the lighting could make such a difference in the picture.  I was really pleased with out this picture came out with the Christmas lights shining off of the tree. christmas tree

Pick at least three tips from these resources and try them as you do your Daily Creates and other assignments this week.

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