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Before and After

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Before and After

Out of all of the assignments, the Before and After was by far my favorite. I used a video of my pet turtle, Chiquis, as my inspiration. I had to to screen shot (thank you to CogDog for teaching me how to do that!), and than used this photoframe app on my phone to get all three images in one shot. It depicts Chiquis first encountering himself in a mirror, which was a complete shock to him. Then he got closer and had a complete stare down until he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to attack himself. I have about a ten minute video on this (which I will most definitely be uploading to youtube) and it was possibly the highlight of 2012 for myself just because it was funny and adorable.  This assignment was two ?’s but I think three would probably be more appropriate since it took a bit of work to find the comedic images.


**No animals were hurt in the making of the video!

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