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For this assignment, we had to take pictures of some different things within 20 minutes.  Here’s the start.

Photo Blitzkrieg

Alex Morgan, in case you were wondering.  Take note of the battery as well.

Photo Blitzkrieg

I had a candle on the table to keep the stink out of the room.  The lights and the fact that it was just lit and had burned down only a little bit and with the combination of the flames the photo gave it an interesting look.  Also there was a clear color domination so I got that too.

Photo Blitzkrieg

Oil and water don’t belong together.  They don’t even mix.  So I put them together and took a photo for two things that don’t belong together.

Photo Blitzkrieg

Could be considered an unusual angle but I was really going for the converging lines.  I decided to look at the stairs because they’re all pointed together and lined up and down and all around.  The stairs also run from light to dark which was cool as well.  Actually planned that one out and turned the lights off at the top.

Photo Blitzkrieg

Obviously the picture of hands.  I tried a couple different things with this like holding it up with a view outside and a couple hands up against a picture, but this one was just more natural and interesting.  Probably because it doesn’t really look staged or anything like that and more questions can be asked.

Photo Blitzkrieg

This was my interesting shadow picture.  I planned this one out and it really did have interesting shadows in it.  Because the light was refracted, it really contrasted the lights and shadows, but what was technically a shadow was also a light, plus there were multiple colors inlaid in the glass so it was all crazy.  Then there was the shadows of the window pane, plant, etc.  Crazy photo.

Photo Blitzkrieg

Battery killer.

I did this in my girlfriend’s house because the internet in my house was being really slow so I went over to her house because it’s faster.  Then I sat around looking around for things to do and play with and got to work.

I had a tie for the favorite photos.  Here they are.

A new vision

I liked this because of the light/dark contrast as well as the converging lines that point towards the light source.


I picked this one because I have no idea what’s going on.  The kid/man/girl/thing is jumping but it’s blurry and there’s crazy light in the background which is awesome.

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