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Color me pink :)

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A Splash of Color

Have you ever noticed how useful an iphone can be? I never truly realized it until I came to this class. One of my professor’s often says how there is more technology in your average smartphone than was needed to go to the moon. That is such a beautiful thing, and in doing these assignments, I found the true value in my phone. For this assignment (Splash the color!), I used the app Color Effect on my phone. It turns any photo from your library black and white then you color whatever you want. At first, I struggled because it wasn’t allowing me to do a single item, and instead coloring entire things. However, after deleting than re-downloading the app, I found the true use of it. I picked the Christmas dog my aunt got this year and colored her coat pink. Afterwards, I spent a good 15 minutes aw-ing the picture and being even more jealous of her present. This cute and helpful assignment was worth three ?’s and also taught me more helpful apps on my phone.

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