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Daily Create it!

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DC’s are the best, especially during visual week. There’s more effort going into it because you know it’s visual week so you really have no option! Also, this week I noticed my flickr images are finally showing up on the DC’s assignment page, so snaps to me for that! I also really got to practice my photography / creative skills.  ;)

DC #1: Take a picture of something brand new, like shiny!


I couldn’t resist doing jewelry! I was at the mall, and I decided that I could incorporate the idea of balance and trying to add background into it. I used my phone to snap the picture (HD setting) and I am impressed on how it came out, especially since it caught so much detail.

DC#2: Take a picture of your greatest success or triumph. **BE PREPARED FOR CHEESYNESS**

greatest success

I got creative with my phone and used this photoframe app that allowed me to mix a bunch of pictures together. My greatest success is my three year relationship with my boyfriend. It has been no easy road but definitely one well worth it. I also wanted to show the different perspectives, and the variety of cameras, such as an iphone vs a professional camera vs a regular camera phone. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference.

DC#3: Take a photo of someone or something else using your favorite type of technology.


I think I really wanted to show off my dog…haha, because I love him! I also wanted to pick my favorite piece of technology: my phone! As i’ve stated before, it’s amazing that my smartphone has more technology than they had to go to the moon. That is so much power and knowledge in one’s hand that it really amazes me to know how far we’ve come technologically in the past couple of decades.

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