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DS106: Weekly Summary 5

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This entire week was dedicated to “visual assignments” and I have to say I had a ton of fun. I feel like I really understood this week’s assignments which I think let me take more of my time and invest it in the creative side of things.

First thing on the list was to read over “TEN:Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Which Involves Buying New Gear” by David Duchemin, and choose three of this ideas to apply to our visual assignments, then write about one in our shared googledoc. I chose to apply three of his tips to my daily creates to really help me get more creative with them.


Speaking of daily creates for this week I chose the following assignments:

1. Take a picture of your greatest success of triumph.
My Greatest Success: Understanding Buddhism

2. Take a picture of something brand new. Like shiny.
New nail polish and candle!

3. Take a picture of someone other than yourself using your favorite technology.
Jones and my favorite technology

The next part of Week 5′s assignments I attacked were “10 star’s” worth of visual assignments. For this we were all automatically assigned the Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge, in which we had to recaption a cheesy Valentine’s day card. This is how mine came out!
Superman Pickup
The Second one I chose was “Find Yourself“, for this assignment I used a street sign that has been in my family for a few years.
Find Yourself

Another part to our assignments this week was something called a “photoblitz challenge”. For this assignment we had to choose our 5 best photo’s and upload them onto flickr. The 5 best were the following:
1. A photo that represents human emotion
A photo that represents human emotion

2. A photo that represents a metaphor for complexity
A photo that represents a metaphor for complexity

3. A photo that makes use of converging lines
A photo that makes use of converging lines

4. A photo of someone eles hand
A photo of someone eles hand

5. A photo that represents the idea of openness
A photo that represents the idea of "openness"

For me this week was really fun, incase I haven’t mentioned that. All the assignments allowed me to take a lot of creative license and I got some really neat pieces to add to my blog! I think this week’s assignments really gave me a new perspective on storytelling. When looking back on this week I really tried to think of every assignment and tip as a building block for my storytelling skills. I think that for all of us visuals are always a “must” when telling stories. Of course the audio and verbal part are the most vital to the experience, but sometimes it really adds something to a story to not only be able to hear the speakers words but also see what they are speaking to. Since joining this class I’ve really been thinking of my blog in a long term sense. That being said with the work I’ve done so far and especially this week I think I am really going to have a lot of material to work with going forward in building my blog. I know I still have a ton to learn but I think things are really starting to come together and I will have a great foundational knowledge at the end of this semester!

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