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Meet me at Abingdon &..Abingdon?

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Meet me at...Abingdon & Abingdon?

Unlikely Intersection was the most simple but hardest one of them, which is ironic. You’d think streets like this would pop up everywhere but alas, they don’t. I was lucky because over the weekend, I went home and as I was driving to one of my friend’s houses and happened to notice she said go right on Abingdon…But which one? I happened to have already looked over the assignments and snapped a picture. I could imagine just how many people got just as confused as I did whenever they went past this street. My friends ended up guiding me through it and said it’s been like that for months, which is weird because you would think that someone would write to the County Department and let them know that, ‘hey you know this is really confusing when giving directions, right?’ Anyways, this assignment was worth three ?’s, and I understand why — it may seem simple but finding these sort of intersections does not come as easily as you would think.

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