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I actually never realized that taking pictures could be so hard before, especially when I am in a rush. I thought that my room had a lot of different things that I could take pictures of but boy was I wrong. So when I started my timer and after the first one I was done I started to get frustrated because I did not know where I should take pictures at in my room and I did not know what of the best photos of mine were:

My light

My beary

what is that?

Cleaning products and Drinks..

My desk

Some pictures that I thought were done well were:


I like this one because of how the lines are in a circular way but then how they stick out from one another. I think I would have liked it if it was in black and white though or sepia but it would mess up the contrast of colors so I understand why she did not.

Lobster hackers

I love lobster and when I looked at this I was like wow a lobster is using the computer now. But then I realized that since they are really red they are dead ad about to get eaten. I think they are writing their wills or should I say were.

A new vision

I am so freaked out by this I had to put it up there. I like how the darkness and the single light source gives it a different feel than how it should be.


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