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Pimpin’ up flickr

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So this week, I got more into flickr and uploaded a ton of photos. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would, especially since I already enjoy snapping pictures on my own phone. My flickr is, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed in my photography skills (despite being an amateur). I managed to get through my privacy settings and setting it up so that I could easily access it via facebook, twitter, etc. I am also putting in double effort to make sure my titles catch all the eyes of my readers! If i am slacking, please let me know. The name of my very first set is ‘The best of the best’ because, to me, it is!

I picked things that hit close to home, like my dog (Teddy), my relationship, and even my pet turtle. This category is definitely objective because while some of photos aren’t exactly the highest quality (like my turtle frames!), they are still rather significant to me. Hot cocoa is the one that will probably confuse a lot of you but while some people drink tea to calm their nerves, I enjoy hot cocoa because it soothes me and really just reminds me of a nice winter day back at home so I’m less homesick after one cup.

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