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I’m leaving on a jet plane

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Well not just yet…

For my next 2-star assignment I chose “A place I’ve Never Been before.” I saw this over on Brittany’s blog (her’s is amazing) and new I wanted to do it too.

The premise behind this assignments is to just pick a place you’ve never been before and create a photo collage/illustration of that place. There are a lot of places I’ve never been, but want to go so I figured it would be hard to decide upon one choice, but a conversation with my mom earlier this evening ended my search quite quickly.

First, I have to provide some background information. My dad works in Jordan, yes the country in the Middle East! He’s been there about 2 years now and my mom and I have yet to go visit him because of work and school schedules, among other things. He’s come home a bunch of times, which is awesome, but I’ve been wanted to go visit him and Jordan for some time now. My parents were talking earlier today and my dad suggested that we try to come over sometime this summer! So I think we are going to go late July, early August. I’m sure it will be 120 degrees Fahrenheit (HA!) but I’m excited about the possibility of going this summer!

So that’s how I came about my decision to pick Jordan. For this college, I picked the country’s Flag, camels, and Petra– which we will probably go to on our trip. I’m obsessed with camels (they are so cute!) and I’m most excited about the ability to get to ride one while we are there! It’s been a dream of mine!

I got all the picture from google, uploaded them into GIMP and used the free select tool on the camel and Petra. I actually flipped both photos so as not to interfere with the star on the flag. For the name, I went into PicMonkey and then imported it into GIMP. I’m just not a fan of using the fonts in GIMP.


I like the way it turned out! Have you ever ridden a camel?

Star Point Total: 14/15


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