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Stitching Together a Movie in 4 Icons

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When it came time to do my One Story, Four Icons assignment, I’ve realized that I have a bit of an odd taste in movies. I’d much rather see live theatre or go to a concert than watch a film, and the films I do tend to watch tend to be not all that mainstream.

Because of this, and because I was having fun while doing my first one, I decided to give people three films to guess.

To do this assignment, I made a blank canvas in GIMP and imported the four icons I chose from The Noun Project for each movie into the canvas. I scaled some of them up so that they were the right size and added text to the bottom of each before saving them as a gif.

It was my first time using GIMP since I could not get the files to open in Photoshop. I like GIMP but I don’t plan on using it all that much since its font selection process was tricky. I like to be able to see all of my fonts in a list since I have quite a large collection and do not know many by name and GIMP makes you type in your font name.

Leave your guesses in the comments, and I’ll reveal the movie title during my weekly summary














  • Peace from the public domain via The Noun Project
  • Farm from the public doman via The Noun project
  • Music designed by Madebyelvis from The Noun Project
  • Marijuana from The Noun Project








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