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Daily Creates: Week 6

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So this week we are doing a continuation of visual storytelling with a concentration in design! So for our daily creates I chose to do two of the three as visual stories.

The first daily create I chose to do the assignment “Take a photo of someone that is nice and cozy in a blanket“. This was perfect because if there is one person that can get cozy in a blanket its my dog Jones. I took this picture when I got out of bed, and before I could even put both feet on the cold ground my dog had quickly jumped into me warmed spot and made himself cozy.

Take a photo of someone that is nice and cozy in a blanket

The second visual daily create I chose was to “Represent your fondest memory in a photo, drawing, or design – do it in a nostalgic style“. I chose this assignment because I think that choosing a photo that was of my fondest memory told an interesting story in itself, but I think that using a “nostalgic” feel really made it more of a story visual versus just a normal photo. I picked the photo of my first time at a Krispy Kreme. As a New Yorker, I was always more of a bagel person myself but last month my boyfriend insisted we go to this “Krispy Kreme”. I was skeptical at first, but never in my life have I ever experienced something so delightfully sinful as this pastry. Everything from the conveyor belt of hot donuts to the free paper hats made this first time donut experience something surreal. So of course I insisted that a photo document it!

First time at Krispy Kreme

For my final daily create this week I chose to write a narrative based on “If you could be any pastry in the world, which would you be?”. I wrote of my favorite pastries (aside from my new found love of Krispy Kreme) Elephant ears! I took the viewpoint of the pastry and tried to imagine some pastry full of itself in its delicious glory!

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