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Don’t You Dream Impossible Things?

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Earlier in the week I did the Lyric Typography poser assignment and ended up changing the assignment around a little bit because I had so much fun with it. Even though it ended up being my favorite thing that I had done this week, I realized that I got a little bit off track and decided to try it again.

I started off by downloading two fonts to do this assignment.  The first was learning curve and the second was Bella K. dings are cool.  I used learning curve for my letters and Bella K. dings are cool for the stars that I added around the words.  

I decided to do the lyric “don’t you dream impossible things?” from the song Starlight by Taylor Swift.  I loved pulling my favorite lyrics out of signs and making different signs and posters out of them (I guess kind of like typography, but with makers and paper instead of computers) and my little sister asked me a couple weeks ago to make her one with this lyric on it.  I hadn’t ever noticed that part of the song before (because Starlight is one of my least favorite songs from her CD) but I LOVED this lyric when my sister pointed it out.

I made this using gimp.  I started off with a plain white background and then added my words to it.  I used the dashed version of learning curve and made the size a little bit bigger to on the word impossible to make it stand out a little bit more.  I then added stars one by one around the outside of the words (I tried to add a couple a the same time but I couldn’t quite get them to fit how I hoped that they would).  Here is why I ended up coming up with the second time I tried this assignment.


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