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Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Week 6)

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Aloha ds106er’s!

This week flew by so quickly, didn’t it? Not going to lie, design week wasn’t that bad. I thought it was really cool to read about all of the different design elements, especially since I’m interested in marketing and such. Anyways, here’s the rundown for week 6 para mi:

Design Safari

Here is my post talking about my design safari experience! Check it out!

Design Assignments

This week, we had to do 15 stars worth of design assignments. Here are the ones I did!

Six Word Memoir Assignment– 3 Stars

Word Assignment– 2 Stars

WIRED Feature What’s Inside You– 4 stars

Warning Assignment– 3 Stars

Bumper Sticker Assignment– 3.5 Stars

In total, that’s 15.5 stars! Go me (:

Daily Creates

Did three this week. Look at them here!

Radio Show

So this week, the Fab Five got together on campus and discussed our  plan. We decided to name our show “Serial Dater” and base it around Taylor Swift. We are thinking about interviewing Taylor Swift and “finding out” that she came out with a new song that is about an ex-boyfriend (like how every song is… haha). Except, for this song, she won’t tell us who it’s about. So, we have to act as investigative journalists/radio hosts and interview her other ex-boyfriends to try and see if it’s about them. To divide the work, we each decided that we would interview one person (which should take up about 3-4 minutes). To interview them, we will be using audio clips from past radio or talk show interviews and making them the responses to our questions. We were also talking about having a section when “callers” phone in with their opinions. Hopefully, everything works out! Stay tuned for “Serial Dater” (:

Anyways, that’s all for week 6! Good luck to everyone as we head into midterms, and I’ll see ya next week!

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