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Radio Show Plans

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Here’s a sneak peak at our plans for the radio show! Thus far, it’s only me and @confusedeasily, however, if our group members are reading this…please feel free to come back! We’ve done a significant amount of work, such as our group logo (we chose Jazmin’s!)

radio show logo

However, here’s mine in case ya wanted to check it out


We’ve mostly been communicating through in person means, since we’re only two floors away from each other but everything flowed very well between us, such as our team name:

We’ve decided to have a back in time theme, which basically involves not only going back into time but also diving into the future. This opens a lot of doors for both of us, since we’re both so interested in either one and it’s not any means a limiting topic. Our format is going to be a radio drama, since we both consider ourselves relatively funny and lively girls. So far, a lot of it seems to be coming easily to us two. :)

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