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Rugby on!

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Bumper Sticker

The bumper sticker assignment…Is it okay to say that I firmly love bumper stickers? NO SHAME. i thoroughly enjoy doing bumper stickers and collecting them in my own free time (which I will post a picture of on flickr so that no one thinks I’m obsessed without merit…) ANYWAYS, so I couldn’t resist doing this assignment and making my own. This year, I joined rugby and the first position I tried was a hooker (which sounds weird to non-rugbyers). My mom bursted out laughing when she first heard too, so I made my mom her very own rugby bumper sticker. I even added a little rugby ball and UMW logo to make sure people didn’t misunderstand it, although I’m sure they will anyways. This assignment was four ?’s, but when I created it, I had to use paint since GIMP was still being iffy. I used cooperplate (again, it’s an addicting font..), and size 44 font. The saying was the easiest part to come up with, since I was used to the facial reaction from people whenever i said that. Hopefully next time we do a design week, I won’t have as many problems.

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