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The 6th week has came to an end.

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The week is finally over and I am so happy I could jump up and down, as a matter of fact that is what I am doing right now! This week I think I learned a lot about design. In fact I applied some of my techniques  to my daily creates.

This was the someone cozy in a blanket I wanted to do my friends but the would have killed me so instead I did my beary that I love so much. In this picture I tried to incorporate the color aspect and I did different shades of gray because he does not talk much and I wanted to show how dull he is :p (just kidding beary you are awesome).

My Beary

In this photo I applied the message to my picture by adding the caption the simple message made a big impact. I chose a black and white photo because I think black and white pictures make the best statements.

Love isn't the only 4 letter word...

My bumper is awesome because it shows the a liveliness to it and the white color makes you think why that color. I like my little emotion-con on the end because it is a confused look.


My radio show group is now just 2 people including myself because we could not get in touch with our other members. So I came up with a logo:

radio show logo

Now yes I know I know it is the colors of¬†McDonald’s¬†but who cares red is our favorite colors and yellow are for stars. We wanted to keep it simple. The little yellow things are supposed to be stars I am not sure if they showed up that well I need some feedback on that. Please and Thank you. Our radio Show plans¬†are our theme is Time travel¬†because¬†we thought that we could have a lot to talk about since we both like the¬†future¬†and we are fascinated by the past. Our format will be radio drama because we love telling stories! We will have an introduction, then bumper, our story, bumper, then story summary and close up loose ends. then an outro.

This week I did the Design Safari but since I was sick and could not go outside I just used pictures from previous that I already had on my phone.

I did 24 stars ¬†this week. I did the propaganda Poster¬†worth¬†3 stars. The ultimate merger worth 2 stars. Pause [four] a moment worth 1 star. Wait, where’d that guy come from worth 3 stars. Illustrate a catchphrase worth 2 stars. The word worth 2 stars. Where I come from worth 3 stars. What the font worth 4 stars. Six Word Memoir worth 3 stars. One story/four icons worth 2 stars.

This week I think that I captured design quite well and I am really happy with how I learned about design and finally learned how to use GIMP. It honestly saved my life this week

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