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The Binding of Elements

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Color: Has visual impacts on the viewer and vary in tone, shade, and light.  It can create mood or emphasis depending on combination and organization.

This image uses color to create interest and to catch the eye of the viewer.  The colors and tones used do this while still allowing the word to show through.

ds106 014

Typography: A way to display and characterize text.

Metaphors/Symbols: Ways to represent object, ideas, or things delicately and with ease.

Minimalism/Use of Space: There area design takes place on.  Minimalism uses little space to get across big ideas.

The space in this photo can be seen in two.  One is taken by the barrel and the other the floor.  The plains they are on are different: Barrel vertical, Floor horizontal.  This is a simple photograph of similar color tones.

ds106 028

Form/Function/Message: How design conveys its meaning to the viewer and what the viewer gets from it.  Form tends to use objects with dimensions.

Balance: Visual equilibrium or weight.  Symmetrical or asymmetrical.

This photograph represents balance through the use of color and weight.  The red door and blue shutters on the first and second floors of the house create symmetry.  Balance is slightly put off by the yellow hammock on the ground floor, but it also draws the eye in because of the off put of balance.  The yellow hammock could be seen as dominance since the eye is drawn to it.

ds106 011


Rhythm: Repetition and or change in elements within a piece.  Movement is created and tends to cause feeling.

The repetition and gradual increase in the level of the steps visual “walks” the eye up the steps t the focal point of the red door. ¬†It¬†evokes¬†a feeling of calm and welcoming combined with the other forms within the picture.

ds106 024

Proportion: Comparison of one element to another and the piece to it’s space. ¬†Creates weight and depth.

These proportions are not the same. ¬†However, looking at the two main elements: the plant and the building, allows the view to create depth between the two. ¬†The focus of the plant in the space in the foreground and the weight it holds makes the building in the back seem to be “less” heavy. ¬†The proportion of the plant creates dominance over a large background.

ds106 006

Dominance: Emphasis of or in the piece.  The focal point; where the eye is drawn to.

Unity: Relationship between parts and the whole.

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