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The Truth about Tangled

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For my last design assignment I decide to do If Movie Posters Told the Truth which was worth three stars.  I decided to to Tangled as my movie poster.  I started out with this movie poster for Tangled.


I decided the truthful bit of information that should be included into this poster is how wonderful her hair is.  Throughout the whole movie all I ever think about is how much I’d love to have longer hair (however I do realize that hair as long as hers may be a bit difficult to deal with).  And on top of her hair being super long and beautiful, it also has magic power.  How is that even fair?

To remake this poster I first downloaded this Tangled Font so that my words would look similar to that of the words already on the poster. I then added words describing how this movie will just wish you had long, magical hair like hers.  I played around with the size placement of the font to make it as natural as I could.  Here’s what I came up with!


That’s all my stars for the week!

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