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weeek six! (almost there!)

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This week was being testy for me. Although I tried a couple of times throughout the week to download GIMP, it was being more difficult than helpful. I managed to use to for leftover design assignments but since it took so long to get working, it made it hard to make the most of it. However, I did what I could with what I could and, for the most part, Mac paint saved my butt, so HTMP*.

*exhibit A of my frustrations (I did find comfort that others were also frustrated though :) ….not to be sadistic!)

This week was centered around design, which was not too far of a leap from visual week, so it was nice to not have to jump around so much as we did with audio/visual. However, design week did have a lot more to offer as far as vocabulary and ideas that were centered behind it. A big example of that is the Design Safari. This assignment had use read up on concepts (color, balance, rhythm, etc.) and incorporate them into daily lives by photographing what we saw in order to depict them. Therefore, I used color, balance, proportion and (attempted) minimalist. Design, however simple it may seem, actually has many layers that go along with it. This was one of those weeks where you learn more than intended, because while it seems basic, it was anything but. Here’s my full on rant, ’cause I know how loved those are.

The next part was the 15 star assignments! I am very upset to report that I don’t think mine were as impressive as they were last week. While I’d love to keep blaming GIMP, I do have to accept fault in that I don’t think I enjoyed design week as much as I thought would have. Maybe I’m still stuck in visual week (wasn’t it just the best?), but it was fun overall, and every experience is a learning experience. I did my wonderful 15 ?’s, and I’m sure if i was better at design week, or if I had a much better imagination, they would look a lot better. However, I will definitely make more of an attempt to put myself out there. Oh god, can’t believe I’m admitting this but I think I might actually miss audio week..That feeling lasted about ten seconds after I typed it. Here are my wonderful 15 ?’s. (yes, i know how much you love my hyperlinks!) The DC’s this week were fun, as always. The best part of those is that they’re never limiting and over the week, you’re given so many opportunities to not only include your own ideals but to really see what others know about whichever week you’re on and learn from them as well. Also, if you’re lost, it’s a good way to feel accomplished when you’re confused as ever. Go here to see my entire post on the four I did this week, but I must admit, I was definitely impartial to one…Since it was my own, so i hope you guys reading this did it!

The biggest downfall of this week was possibly the fact that half of our group has yet to respond to our tweets, e-mails, etc. However, the show must go on! My partner @confusedeasily and myself have been trudging forward with our work, and we even made a team logo!

radio show logo

It was also helpful in that I was able to see Jazmin use GIMP also, since it was working a lot better for her than for me. We’ve decided that our best form of communication is, without a doubt, in person..especially since we only live about two floors apart from each other. Check out our plans here!

*Hail to mac paint ;)

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